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Home studio recording


Do you have a passion for music and want to produce captivating songs at your Home Studio?

This book is designed to make your goal a reality.

Multi-platinum Producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith, Founder of Produce Like A Pro) and Jerry Hammack (The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals) let you in on their vast recording & music production experience and share everything you need to know to find success as a modern music producer.


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This book will reside on my shelf alongside the classics [...] In it, you will find nearly all there is to know about the recording of music and the art of sound. Warren and Jerry generously share their years of experience, philosophy and mental preparation, giving both the newcomer and the working producer/engineer incredibly valuable and practical information.

Jack Douglas (Miles Davis, Aerosmith, John Lennon)

The Three Stages of Music Production


There are three stages in the music production cycle. They are preproduction, or the work that you do before you start recording; recording, where you commit your songs and ideas to media (digital or other); and finally, the finishing work of mixing, mastering and releasing the recordings. As a producer and mixer, you may find yourself involved in one or all of these stages at one time or another.

Understanding each of these three stages and the work, opportunities and responsibilities involved in them will help you in all kinds of ways when it comes to creating music. This knowledge will help you organise your efforts, eliminate confusion, improve your workflow and please your artists.

While we will provide you with extensive details of each of these stages and the work that occurs within each, we want to make one thing clear from the outset: the work that’s necessary to create great recordings always occurs in context of the type of music, the artist, the available time and the budget.

What is best for the song? What is best fortheartist? Your decisions in production and engineering must relate to the kind of music you are recording and to solving the issues required to achieve the result you are seeking.

No professional ever does work for work’s sake or follows processes for processes’ sake. The work we do and the processes we employ are only the ones necessary to move a song towards asuccessful completion. There’s no single path to follow to this destination. The only ‘right’ way to record is the way that gets you efficiently to the result you intend to deliver.



The Ultimate Guide To Home Studio Recording, Production & Mixing

‚Home Studio Recording‘ is a comprehensive guide which provides you with all of the tools, techniques, and knowledge you need to produce high-quality music at home.

From studio setup and gear recommendations, to tried and true recording and production techniques, all the way to a detailed breakdown of the mixing and mastering process.

Once you dive into the content you’ll realise:

This book goes far beyond the technical side of music production.

Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith, Rick Springfield) goes above and beyond, and shares all of the lessons he’s learnt  over decades of producing music.

You’ll receive actionable advice on how to build and expand your studio, how to work with artists, optimise your workflow, run smooth sessions, all the way to covering little known topics such as royalties and licensing. 

This is a real world guide to music production.

Inside, you’ll discover the subtle, yet incredibly important detailes that can only be learnt by producing music every single day.

In order to make this book the absolute best it can be, Warren has teamed up with experienced author Jerry Hammack (The Beatles Recording Manuals), who helped structure the content and fill this book with meticulous detail.

What’s inside


Home Studio Setup & Expansion

Find out how to achieve the best sound in the space you have available.


Understand The Entire Music Production Process

As a modern producer you’re going to wear a lot of different hats. We’ll walk you through each stage of the music production process, and show you your responsibilities and opportunities involved, so you can complete each stage with confidence.


Powerful Mixes

Understand the concepts you need to turn your raw recordings into powerful,  professional mixes. Discover a variety of mixing workflows, understand the mixing processors at your disposal, and learn how to utilize them to achieve the sound you’re after.


Buy Gear That's Custom-Tailored To Your Needs

Warren & Jerry walk you through the options available to you, and help you to focus on key pieces of gear that really propel your music and business forward.


Pristine Recordings

Discover professional recording techniques for every instrument, as well as a plethora of full-blown recording setups, ranging from singer songwriter, to tracking a band live, all the way to orchestal recordings.


Mastering & Release

Learn the techniques you need to take your productions over the finish line: Add the final polish, ensure they sound good on a all playback systems, and get them ready for official release.



If you want to learn how to produce professional-sounding music at your home studio this guide is a must have.

It’ll teach you all of the technical details you need, while always staying focused on the end goal:

Creating incredible music!

'I only want things in the studio that I absolutely have to have; there’s no excess here. It’s really good. There’s things about it that really make the process go forward.’

Eric Valentine (Good Charlotte, Queens of the Stone Age)


Produce Amazing Music In Your Home Studio

Without Breaking The Bank


Are you looking to produce professional sounding music in your home studio?

With the advancements in modern technology, you can.
And you don’t have to spend a fortune either!

All it takes is the right approach.

Warren and Jerry share practical advice on how to to assemble your ideal home studio, based on your needs, your production style, and the space you have available. 

  • Which gear should I buy?
  • What’s the best way to acoustically treat my room?
  • How to set up your monitoring, software and hardware for maximum flexibility and usability?
  • How can I expand your studio setup in a meaningful manner?

Whether you’re working out of your bedroom, a medium sized space, or even a remote location.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to build and expand your studio with a clear purpose in mind.

Avoid shiny object syndrom, select key pieces of equipment that actually help your music and studio business to move forward, and establish a straightforward workflow that gets amazing results.


Hands-On Advice From A Multi-Platinum Producer

You may have heard the saying: There’s no substitute for experience’. 

The fact is, someone could know all of the technical details in the world, but still struggle to build a successful career.

That’s because music production is about a lot more than technique. It’s an artform in the truest sense.

It’s the art of working with and inspiring others. It’s your mindset and workflow. It’s establishing a musical vision, and finding creative solutions to bring it to life.

But most importantly:

It’s a process where you learn something new each day.

The process of making countless mistakes, painful trial and error, adjusting, improving and trying again.

With this book, Warren shares the experience and knowledge he’s gained over the years, and passes it on to you, so you can avoid pitfalls, fast-track your musical growth, and find success doing what you love.


'If there's one thing you take away from this: There’s no difference between us. We make music because we love to. There are no experts.'

Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith, Rick Springfield)


Bring Your Musical Vision To Life

By Mastering The Technical Side

Have you ever had a song idea that you were super excited about?

Then, somewhere during the production process things went south. You got distracted, spent ages tweaking, and lost your initial creative spark.

– Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

The solution to this problem might sound counterintuitive.

In order to stay in your creative flow and inspired, you have to be able to implement ideas at an incredibly fast pace.

Here’s what will get you there:

A well-structured, repeatable workflow, great preparation and making the technical aspects of recording and mixing second nature to you.

This book bridges the gap between professional recording, production, and mixing techniques and the music creation process.

It teaches you all of the concepts and knowledge you need, while always remaining goal driven.

How do you actually apply these techniques to achieve the sound you’re after?

Want to get your vocals to float over the mix?
– Try this delay technique!

You’ll gain a crystal clear understanding of the techniques at your disposal, and how to utilize them to achieve your musical vision.

'This book focuses on what you actually need to know to produce and record music on a regular basis. It's not heavy on theory [...] Our goal is to help you become a well-rounded producer and mixer.'

Warren & Jerry

'This book is organized to allow you to build on your knowledge from beginning to end or jump right into the content that most interests you - and get quick answers.'

Warren & Jerry


Never Feel Stuck Again

Have practical advice by a multi-platinum producer at your fingertips.

Whether it be a bass tone that doesn’t have the low-end impact we imagined, or an electric guitar that sticks out of the mix like a sore thumb.

From time to time, we all feel stuck and it can be hard to pinpoint what the issue is.

In these situations, it can be incredibly helpful to get a fresh perspective to help take us out of the rut.

Warren and Jerry have meticulously structured this book to enable you to look up any topic in a matter of seconds.

Want to refresh your memory on different kinds of reverbs?

It has it’s own chapter.

Want to learn the best ways to record drums?

It has it’s own chapter.

Want to run smooth and efficient recording sessions that’ll have your artists excited to work with you?

… you get the point. 😉

At each stage, you’ll have the experience and advice of a multi-platinum producer at your fingertips. To guide you,  help you to overcome roadblocks, and bring your musical vision to life.

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